Wednesday, May 18, 2005

UTPT Nostalgia - 4

Thatha knows. And IF he doesn't, he will guess it.

"the site is just, as mihir wisely says, great. but the similarity in our opinions ends here. while mihir goes on to dwell on more profound subjects such as the gamut of human existence (line 5, para 5) and how life is (line 1, para 1), i will stick to matters that appealed more to my basal tastes.

in the 4 years spent at rvce, a significant amount of my daily dosage of kicks was derived from hanging out with quizcorp members. the one thing that all quizzers from rvce share besides a quizzing addiction, is a propensity for cribbing. to crib alone is satisfaction; to crib with someone else is happiness; to crib with a gang is redemption. and dreamland was almost always filled with some of us redeeming ourselves and some others redeeming themselves and finishing up lab reports and khadiya and shetty trying their hardest to weasel money out of my tight fist.

the high point was just before the fest. for example, during my last utpt: ganja cursing bib; shetty calling mihir an "antithesis to existence man. how the hell do you manage it." mihir yelling at shetty - "slow down and then stop over at the side (this was bang in the middle of the mysore road fly over). i am getting down da shetty, you drive like a f***ing maniac." the mantra has been something i have not managed to shrug off to date - work condenses to fit into the last minute. the night before the india quiz during my first peepal tree, i remember sitting up with a pile constituted of discovery of india, a translation of the gita, hindi text books from high school and all copies of The Hindu i could grab, in a bid to set 60 questions. two years later, it was the night before the IT quiz and a slightly different pile. and it was the same story with the other guys as well.

so how do the whining, disorganized, scrambling quizzers manage to pull it off in the end? in short, we don't. for every short-fuse, there's this relatively sane, non-frenzied-quizzer god who enjoys getting things to happen. aditya and venky from my batch; susie, ullas, rajesh etc. from one batch junior...

so in the end, the sane ones have overseen the fest without too much damage and smile and go home. the quizzers have witnessed some awesome questions and they feel happy and grunt as they go home. the quizmasters have managed to awe above quizzers with above questions and they feel happy and crib all the way to redemption. utpt - satisfaction guaranteed."

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tech said...

Hey Thatha, if youre reading this: hope youre doing great. Nice to read all this stuff. Thanks for mentioning the 2003 mech bmech gang who tagged along with many UTPT meets and helped make it happen, informal quizzes included.