Thursday, May 19, 2005

UTPT Nostalgia - 5

Running out of intro ideas. Anyway, here goes.

Rags is the enternal seeker.

Note - From now on, all seniors MUST send their own intros along with the ramblings/thoughts/memories.

"Firstly, I must say I was wondering how Peepal Tree would turn out this year - but this looks to be the most polished edition yet - and for managing to pull it off, kudos to all concerned.

After reading Jalan's mail asking for our "thoughts" (though I wonder why he put the "" round thoughts. Jalan you bastid), I thought I'd add something to Bib/Ganj/Mihir/Thaths accounts.

I've always had certain memories that stand out, from every Peepal Tree. I have a hazy recollection of the fest as a whole, since a wicked combination of sleep deprivation, tension and quant jokes (more on that later) certainly take their toll. But every Peepal Tree has some totally awesome memories...

Mihir searching high and low for his bike keys and turing RVTC upside down, and then watching Bib (after vehemently denying any knowledge of the aforementioned keys) finding them in his pocket.

Coming to RVTC at 5 am on the morning of the gen quiz with Ganj and Shetty, having spent the whole night setting the damn thing. Good ol Jalan painstakingly puts everything onto slides, following which we heave a sigh of relief - and twenty minutes later, the damn computer crashes.

Not having a quizmaster for the corporate quiz two days before the quiz itself, Khoj calls Mihir, and then calls me sounding really pissed off and says, Khadiya will do the quiz, but he's going to charge us 10K. Both of us then bitch for an hour about Khadiya's alleged cheapness, after which I call Mihir to clarify things, and find out that he'd told Khoj "Mitesh wants 10k", and not "Nitish wants 10k".

Forming all sorts of bizarre shapes outside Vidhana Soudha for quiz corp publicity photos.

Bib doing his re-enaction of the whole SCS episode. (And also, Bib fighting with Aditya Bhat at the Chancery for our NLS prize money)

Having been unceremoniously evicted from every company we went to for sponsorship, calling an emergency meeting and deciding to slash prize money and do away with half the quizzes. (And seeing Khoj's face when we told him this half an hour later was just priceless)

Swarzchild Radius bumbling about on stage, and especially watching Debu doing this really killer solo on Sultans of Swing.

Khoj chopping off the side of his finger while cutting the certs, looking at the blood spurting out and then fainting, and then me dragging him to the washbasin and frantically trying to revive him, all just before the corporate quiz.

Sitting in DL with Khoj, Bulla and Kanti and coming up with arbit poster designs (imagine a stoned Bulla on one of those Hutch posters with "High" written below it)

Bulla, Kanti and me struggling to make questions the night before the quiz, as usual, and finally at 5am, having exhausted all possible google search strings, typing in things like "origin of the name nitish khadiya".

Kodi and co making a recording of Quants cousin singing for an audio for the India Quiz (this was just too awesome)

Watching almost the whole of that sidey Enigma movie to find a two second Mick Jagger cameo.

Khoj's car getting stuck one night, in the narrowest of alleys in Jayanagar (whilst on the way to get some alcohol) and having to back out, inch by inch - while at the same time cracking awesome Quant jokes (sample- what file does Quant run when he goes to the bathroom? A: unzip.exe)

Gang Rao doing his lab record in RVTC, and at 2 am jumping up and proclaiming: Only 15 more graphs to do! And I don't have a pencil!

Everyone getting thulped at the Chancery amidst post-UTPT revelry.

And to wrap it all up neatly (and as every single person from my batch will testify), no person/organization can sum it all up better than Arun Bapu of ILI: From that first meeting (with Kanti and me), where he starts to tell us that he's a quizmaster on this local cable channel, and to which Kanti (in vintage Kanti style) interjects: "Ah no one watches that stupid channel", things spelt doom. We would go to his office for the cheque, and someone would say that he wouldn't be around all day, and then we'd go to the coffee shop down the road and two minutes later, he'd pop in, see us and give us that sheepish Arun Bapu look. We waited almost endlessly for that cheque which he kept promising, and suddenly one day, on realizing that JN (QuizCorps saviour, on more than a dozen occasions) was his friends nephew, Bapu goes bounding into his office and emerges with that hallowed cheque, in less than a minute. Oh, he cribbed like a nai after seeing the posters as well, and threatend to take all his money back. A whole epic can be written about the case of Quizcorp vs. Bapu

This is just off the top of my head, there are so many awesome memories that go with Peepal Tree, I'm sure Bulla/Kanti/Khoj/Monkee/Kodi/the rest have tons more. Even though it's a crapload of work, and at times you feel like punching random people, just the feeling you get at the end of the fest, when the dust has settled and the corporate quiz is done, that's what makes it all worth it.

Hope you guys have a fantastic time - and keep us posted on the happenings, I'm sure everyone who isn't in college right now would be really, really interested.



Conga said...

is also knows as saigo's god

that satanic night in manipal

hello god.

Anonymous said...


Hoon-nappa.."satanic" night like the way Jim Morrison was knocked out all the time or the way Kurt Cobain got himself knocked out..yeah man...grooovy man..yeah...can I have some of that weed man...yeah...pufffffffff...super coool man...this satanic ***t is sooooo cooool love rocks man....Manipal is our Woodstock come all the chicks are still wearing clothes man......puffffffffff...this week sends you to transcendental nirvana man....yeah man...Amuda is so cooool in his jeans and scruffy beard man.....this satanic gig rocks dude...pufffffffff...pass me some of that white powder here man...

Shata Thatha

Perry said...

"Mihir searching high and low for his bike keys and turing RVTC upside down, and then watching Bib (after vehemently denying any knowledge of the aforementioned keys) finding them in his pocket."

hahahhahahaaaaaaa... I still remember that.
Someone should drug and lock Bib and Mihir together in a room, both shackled in two corners... just like in the movie Saw. Can you imagine the conversation they'll have when they both wake up! Man... I'd love to be the guy in the middle.