Thursday, May 19, 2005

UTPT Nostalgia - 6

Conga: sports quizzer non-pareil.

"I am not a very good writer. And I’m not a mechanical engineer from the 2003 batch. And I sure as hell can’t say stuff like “ mental assembly of multiple facts” but going through the kick ass UTPT blog just brings back so many memories , I felt the need to “holler” as Nag put it.

When I joined R.V.C.E , I had barely quizzed before. I knew Lester Piggott’s undie size but I had no clue who Guy Fawkes was. 4 years or rather 3 years( after these junis joined) changed all that.( Guy Fawkes threw some gunpowder and got fucked right ?)

For those juniors for whom Quizcorp is still just another useful club that’ll get you attendance , I can assure you it is much, much more than that. Personally, It has given me immense pride and confidence that has rubbed off on other aspects. Quizcorp got me through XLRI, got me through TAS, ITC, Colgate Palmolive and many more.The magnitude of UTPT will hit you when you tell someone it is India’s first International quiz fest.

I had a ball of a time during the organization of the 2002 UTPT, I did the sports quiz with bib and shetty, both of whom are celebs in their own right now.I also climbed a few poles with Perangil and Sachin and fought with Ganja a couple of times.( Love you sweety).It was a thoroughly rocking experience.

I have watched parts of the 2003 and 2004 UTPTs and each one lit up my pathetic life with some incandescent fundaes. This year should be no different. Kudos to all the organizers for what already looks like a smashing fest.

I should also mention the numerous stud quizzing partners I’ve had. Jalan said it, Mihir is one of the very best. The dude and his diary are stuff of legend. Thatha is another superman.

Ok, that’s it I think. Look forward to seeing u all in UTPT!
Ok, I have not used any big words, so..Tradescantia.

It’s a fucking herb."


bs said...

the bitch jalan slimed on the title and cut it short. in full, it reads:

"connect don budge, edward eagan, jack dempsey non-pareil (such a kewl d00d) and awami kridachakra.
ans: only konga knew them all

whenever a run scored in test cricket - it happened on konga's TV.

konga answers like anything.

konga - the sports quizzer non-pareil (yetannuder kewl d00d). konga is kewl like anything.

konga - the attitude boy of quizcorp."

Old fogie said...

Will be the archetypal spoilsport here.

"awami kridachakra"!
Whoever you are, honey, you are no Konga. Coz there's no awami krirachakra in bangladesh, or anywhere else. There's an awami league which is a political party... (seen Sheikh Hasina Wajed screaming and shouting on TV? that's the one I guess), and a Abahoni Krirachakra, which is a football club which has a cricket team too, quite like mohun bagan etc.

Anonymous said...

Konga...Jalan....Nag...all you bi**** never put UTPT questions on the promised but...pthu....liars.