Wednesday, December 07, 2011

TCE Children's Quiz- Straight from one of the Juni QMs

Tata Consultancy Engineers organised Children’s Day Celebrations on the 19th of November 2011 for all the children of its employees. One among the many events that was conducted was the General Quiz. In view of the great reputation that RV Quiz Corp has, we were their first choice. The quiz was designed and redesigned by us first year QC junis and was overseen and tailored by the seniors. It was designed to target an audience of the age group 8-15. But such was the quality of the quiz and enthusiasm of the audience that the employees simply couldn’t resist taking part themselves. So ultimately, that the teams were permutations of all the employees and their children. Being an entertainment event, over a serious competition, it was decided that the “No losers- only winners” concept was apt for the event, wherein eliminated teams from each round would be spread over existing teams to add to the mettle of the team and keep the quiz alive.

The quiz was a roaring success. With over 60 participants from a crowd of around 70, we had more teams than we anticipated. The quiz consisted of 5 rounds with questions ranging from sports, entertainment and of course Namma Bengaluru. We could not have been more enthusiastic to conduct the quiz, with all the participants being extremely interactive and excited about each question! It was great!
As stated earlier, the quiz was conducted by a team of first years Sri Hari V, Anurag Shivaprasad, Sachin Poovanna, Aditya V Muttur , Vijayaraghavan, Sharan T under the guidance of Sreenivas Ravi and Vijay Ramesh. Narasimha Datta, an RV Alumunus and quizzer organized the event. Trisha Gopalakrishna was also at the event to guide the first years. Overall, a hoard of brownie points for QC!

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