Friday, January 14, 2005

So Who Are We Anyway?

In Quizzing, an answer is only as good as the question. Quite the same way, you must already know who we are. How else did you get here otherwise?

RV QuizCorp is home to RVCE's active quizzing junta with a reputation for continuously churning out some of the best quizzers in the country. QuizCorp is a formidable name in the Quizzing Scene in the south, with 'Corpers being the usual suspects at quizzes ranging The Best to The Arbit-est. Not defying the equations of any respectable brew, RVQC is part legacy, part evolution

QuizCorp had humble beginnings in RVCE nearly 13 years ago, thanks to Avinash Mudaliar and Gopal Srinivasan. From then to now, no QuizCorper ceases to be one. We have a large, diverse network which constantly keeps in touch and helps us out during our clueless times. Avinash to this day conducts quizzes for RVQuizCorp.

Inherited quirks shade a large part of what we do and who we are. Why, innocent queries about everything from the Nickname-Practice to UTPT-Night rituals (and sometimes our trademark tendencies towards slacking) are at once categorised as "Tradition"- said somberly and in emphatic tones by knowledgeable seniors.

Hear it from the masters themselves: For a taste of the life at Quizcorp check out our Nostalgia section. And for a whiff of the quizzing, pay a visit to our Archives- taken from past RV Quizzes and weekly Quizzicals.

To get your hands on the real thing, however, you will have to drop in at one of our quizzes! And what better place for that than Under The Peepal Tree- RVQC's annual Quiz fest, one of the best of its kind, in terms of variety, scale and the quality of quizzing.

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