Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sports Quiz - 1

Hi! these r sports questions from previous editions of UTPT..i'll be posting 6-7 every other day...u can mail me answers at

answers will put up along with next set of questions

santosh gowda

1. Connect Salman Rushdie to the following cricketers: Gavaskar,Mankad, Vengsarkar and Azhar.

2. In his 1995 autobiography, Breaking the Surface he revealed that he was abused by his foster-father as a child, taunted in school because he was dyslexic and brown-skinned and went through a turbulent adolescence marred by alcohol, drug abuse and several half-hearted attempts at suicide. Identify this Olympic legend?

3. What was the exact reason for choosing England, France, Australia and USA to be the countries to host the four Grand Slams?

4. Connect the following cricketers: Rory Field, Ram Karan Sharma, Adam Benjamin, Peter Robinson and Chandana Kumara. All who were in the news recently ( late 2002)

5. In one of the quaint sports of 18th century English a group of riders would set a distant church as their target and then make a race till they reach it. What term has its origins in this game?

6. He was appointed as the financial manager of 'Bell Equipments' in February 2002. CEO Gary Bell had this to say about him, " he has the academic skills and the business acumen to make it. He is a very nice kid." Who?

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