Thursday, May 12, 2005

Connect: Floyd, Abba and Donald Trump

A town was terrorised by a dragon. A young princess was offered to the dragon and when George heard about this, he rode into the village, slayed the dragon , rescued the princess and became the patron saint of England and was henceforth known as St. George.

Sorry, we don't offer sainthoods for vanquishing our quizzes. Only money and food coupons. Here's how :

All College Quizzes:

First prize: 4000
Second prize: 3000
Third prize: 2000

Corporate Quiz:

First prize: 9000
Second prize: 6000
Third prize: 3000

In addition to the main quizzes, several informals will also be held. Winners of these informals will recieve lotsa freebies, coupons and other goodies.

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