Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mischief Managed!!!

After a heady 3 days, Under The Peepal Tree 09 comes to an awesome end !
See you next year, same time, same place, but more fun ! (Well not exactly, the blog will be updated more, promise) .
Log in later to read up the posts for a more slightly detailed account of the 3 days and for more pictures!

All together now ... "Hoorah!"


adi said...

Siri, jose, cyclist, datta, ha(i)rry, tony, crybaby , ramya and amuda.
feck. i am old. i need to know the rest of them!

Sankar said...

Nice T shirts junta..


Bisi said...

It was brilliant to say the least ... The response , the quiz, the t-shirt (yet another one which doesn't fit me sadly), the fundae !!! Great going guys ...I guess all the online efforts culminated in a great UTPT

Suhas said...

The t-shirt rocks, I gotta say!

sumo_ftb said...

Being a huge fan of Mr.Mudaliyar, I was wondering if it is possible for u guys to post some of the questions asked in UTPT 09.

sumeet from nitd

Rajan said...

Hi Guys & Gals & Mata... Congrats to everyone for making it happen in a grand fashion....