Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remember The Time?

As UTPT 09 approaches and incidents tailor-made for long-term infamy and near-fatal-laugh-sessions happen each minute, we asked them wise seniors to share a few stories from those times. They did, and how!


Siddhartha Vaidyanathan aka Bib:

A few hours before UTPT 2002. It's around 2am in the morning. Fatigue is in the air. Loads left to be done. I think everyone was looking for a blade and blaming the others for losing it. Some 2-3 jobless guys (I remember Gang Rao and Khoj) were discussing all the schools that were invited. Obviously they were talking about girls schools.

And then it happened. Paavi (the legendary Srikrishna Swaminathan) suddenly enters the discussion and blares out: Hey, you guys invited Sophia Loren school right?

For two secs, we didn't even understand what he was talking about. And then it hit us. Sophia's had suddenly became Sophia Loren school.

I still remember Khoj rolling on the stage, in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Gang Rao started drumming some chairs. And the rest of us were in similar states of madness.

I don't think we found the blade. I don't think Sophia's turned up either


Rajan aka Casillas:

It was in 2005, the India quiz was on. Amazingly, this was done by 4 people.... I was doing my round, the first three questions went boom, boom, boom-- straight & correct answers, I was like, ok. Never mind.
4th Question, which was one of my favorite questions kept the teams puzzled for a while.... when the third team was about to answer, the answer slide is shown on the screen courtesy Quant (The genius who designed, financed and built the famous PEMBUR BRIDGE). I was so livid.... With the mic close to my mouth, i shouted 'f***' and then kept the mic low and said 'you'. The audience was delirious.
I remember lots of people imitating this; especially Anu and Pingu for the next two days.....

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