Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is what we call a REALLY BIG Quizfest

It's that time of the year again. When the best moment to talk to a QuizCorper is post-3 a.m, when we're all fresh as daisies and looking for fundae. It's that time of the year when records, internals, and college troubles all suffer a lack of attention. It's that time of the year quizzers across the country are headed to Bangalore.

Well, it is March.

Time for you to rev up your quizzing skills, revive old quizzing bonds as well as ancient rivalries to settle scores of. It is time for you to expect what will surely be some of the best quizzes of the year. So sit back and let us present to you Under The Peepal Tree 2010. Alive, bigger, better and kicking posterior.

Twelve years and you'd think we'd sober down a little bit. On that count, genteel reader, you are wrong. (No negs at least, the quizmasters in us say kindly)

Most importantly, please welcome on board our Main Sponsors for the year. We have, not one, but two generous organisations backing our, and your quizzing madness.

Aditya Motors is an auto parts company dealing with automotive OEMs & Global tier 1 industries. Based in Bangalore, this award winning company designs and manufactures parts for leading automobile brands. Did you know that widely-acknowledged quiz-god, RV QuizCorp's very own Mihir Jayaraman is one of the brains behind Aditya Auto? You do now.

Sungard is a global software and IT Services company that enjoys a presence in over 70 countries. Sungard, as you know, were our Main Sponsors last year and decided to support us again this year. (We must have done something right.)

We thank these two organisations for their generosity and for their faith in us. Join us and say a big thank you, people.

It doesn't take a genius to work that out. Nobody likes to be called a tease but we're left with no choice. UTPT 2010 promises to be the biggest UTPT in terms of prize money ever. We'll drop that silk handkerchief and walk off daintily with a wink and a smile. Want more? Watch this space.


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