Monday, March 08, 2010

Under The Peepal Tree 2010

We're back folks. Under The Peepal Tree 2010 is HERE!!

The quizzes are going to be held on the 19th ,20th and the 21st of March, (read next friday and saturday) . The first 4 quizzes are open to students of Schools and Colleges, so come on over.
With Special prizes for School teams as usual!

The Major Quiz aka the Gen quiz
Game Theory aka the Sport quiz
Psi-Tech aka the Sci tech quiz
Indigenius aka the India quiz

Audi Vidi Vici, the AV Open and Fine Answers, the Corporate quiz are the other 2 quizzes.

The college quizzes are being held on the 19th and 20th at RV Dental College, J P Nagar, deviating from the tradition of hosting UTPT at RV Teachers' College, Jayanagar.

A more detailed schedule and a venue for the AV Open and Corp quizzes will be put up shortly.

Attention Outstation Teams: Please register with Nakul PS in case you need accomodation for your stay in Bangalore. Send an e-mail giving your team details to

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