Monday, March 14, 2011

UTPT: A chronology:Part Deux: Bisi

So I've been asked to pen down my thoughts about Under the Peepal Tree, again. I think they take this age thing a bit too seriously. But despite the exponential increase in waistline and fading memory, I think I can do a fair job of it.

Since 2003, I have incurred the wrath of various overlords who think quizzing is hogwash. Starting with my otherwise benevolent father, who believed that extra-currics will get you nowhere, to the world's best Spider Solitaire playing HOD, Jaggu - all of them were united in their inability to understand the contribution of Ernst Grafenberg and why these silly idiots from RV QuizCorp were going ga-ga over this now dead gynecologist. Even when I started working I made sure I was there to set the banner up with his Tearness - the King of Georgia. It involved blatantly lying about a dying relative but it was worth it. And now as I set myself to return to UTPT, this time as a participant, I can feel that familiar excitement again. In my honest opinion getting RV QuizCorp out of your system is near impossible. Let me tell you why.

RV QuizCorp gives you the chance of meeting absolutely "wela" people on a perfect Sunday afternoon on a rock in Cubbon Park. All of those who assemble there harbour hopes of being National champions at some random quiz in the future. All those hopes are thereafter systematically crushed by the burden of writing records of which Sine wave was obtained as output or by the sheer inability to mug up stuff from databases. Atleast I couldn't do either of these things. So I settled down to the next best thing instead. Drink beer at Guzzlers, find when the next quiz at SJBIT or Dr. Ambedkar's was happening and of course my favourite, make quizzes. To be honest QuizCorp lets you do your own thing and there was always place for non-achievers like me as well. So take my first piece of advice, if you are not Tata Crucible National Champion in the next one year, it is ok. There's a lot more to look forward to.

Hopefully you will find, a nice eclectic bunch to quiz with. Must mention Kryptonite, Lolitas and my own team Koramangal Pandeys here. I guess around our final year we were the only teams who bothered going anywhere - Kryptonites went strong for another year. His Tearness, King will be sorely missed at the banner setup ceremony this year. Very few people can cry when they get an aggregate which reads 82% at the end of the 6th term. This rare monarch can cry at the drop of a hat even when his much maligned Liverpool manage to overcome Manchester United. Soda I hope you have practiced the imitations.

I understand that this year there wont be any staying over at the auditorium, which is a real tragedy. Because most of the action happens late in the night, when you suddenly have a giant screen to play NFS on or to screen "educational" videos on. When Datta gets high by smelling beer and starts cycling around thinking he is Lance Armstrong at the Champs Elysees. When KK disburses gyaan on life and Shyam promptly regurgitates it out. When you start hiding the pile of cans, glasses and buds on seeing policemen in the vicinity. All these things are memorable parts of UTPT. Maybe we can raise hell in the IEM audi this year.

People who are new to UTPT and RV QuizCorp have some illustrious alumni to look up to. From the current ASP of Belgaum to the writers of one of the best articles on cricket, everyone who's been a member has taken some fond memories with them. There are also those who dream of setting up Pembur Bridges with funding from Google. On a personal note, all I ever speak about it any interview is UTPT and quizzing. Its the one thing that adds spark to an otherwise dull existence and I really hope some of you find those sparks at UTPT 2011. Looking forward to seeing all of you there.



Anubis said...

wow.. this article is just brilliant!! :)

Rajesh V said...

It is rather surreal to get a mention here. Pembur FTW. (which was Pamban when I said it, btw).