Thursday, March 03, 2011


X is fictional legal strategy used in episode 27 of South Part, "Chief Aid".
The aim of X Y is to deliberately confuse the jury by making use of the fallacy known as ignoratio elenchi or red herring: It starts by stating that X lives on K and continues by unwinding a series of nonsense conclusions. The concept satirized attorney Johnnie Cochran's closing argument defending O.J Simpson in his murder trial.The Associated Press noted it as an example of Cochran's position in popular culture. The concept has become a minor internet phenomenon, used frequently as a running gag on satirical sites and in forums as a form of rhetoric.
What is X?


Logik said...

nice question.
Chewbacca Defense.

trio1611 said...

ok i waited, thinking more people would leave answers, but alas.
anyway, YUP! right answer Logik! and thank you.