Saturday, February 18, 2012

Informals Part 1: I’ll Be There For You

1.       It is Rachel’s first time at the Launderama and Ross joins her there to do his laundry as well claiming that there is a rat problem in the laundry room in his building and that apparently “the rats were attracted to the dryer sheets, which were going in fine but coming out all fluffy”. So he’s all set to go there that evening when Chandler points out to him that using snuggles, his laundry detergent, was probably not the best idea. So Ross bought another more macho East German laundry detergent. Name that detergent!

2.       In the one with the apartment switch, Ross creates a lightning round to resolve the tie between chandler and Joey and Monica and Rachel. The guys go first and Ross asks them a series of questions, the last of which being”Monica categorises her towels, how many categories are there? ”. How many questions did Ross ask the guys (in the lightning round) before this one?

3.       Who was the “thug with a pipe” who mugged Ross as a teenager?

4.       Right around the time of her wedding, Phoebe decides to change her name. What does she change it to?

5.       A package with cheesecake for Mrs. Braverman is wrongly delivered to Chandler and Monica’s. What store was the cheesecake from?

6.       How many years apart are Monica and Richard?               

7.       When Monica’s parents spend all of her wedding fund on the beach-house, Chandler and Monica discuss where else they could the money from. Chandler says that his mother spent most of her money on her ____ wedding and is saving the rest for her divorce. And any extra cash that his father has, he saves for his yearly trip to, where??

8.       Phoebe’s grandmother left her, what Monica claims is the best cookie recipe ever. Sadly, the recipe was burnt along with everything else in the fire at Phoebe’s apartment. Luckily Phoebe remembers that her grandmother mentioned to her that she had gotten it from her grandmother, whose name was ________________ ________________.

9.       What is Chandler’s middle name? _______________________

10.   Just as Joey thinks he is out of the industry, his agent gets him a job in the new Al Pacino movie. What was his role in the movie??

11.   Who plays Will Colbert, Ross’ classmate from high school?

12.   What is the registration number on Phoebe’s grandmother’s cab?

13.   In the one where Ross’ can’t flirt, how many pizzas did the guys order?

14.   In High School, Will and Ross spread a rumour about Rachel being a hermaphrodite that eventually got to Chandler’s school. What was she known as at his school?

15.   In the one with the mugging, what was the famous tagline that Ross claims he came up with and wishes that he had written it down?(HINT: It was the tagline of a famous American campaign encouraging the consumption of cow’s milk)

16.   Towards the end of the show, Chandler and Monica decide to move out of the city into the suburbs and start looking around for homes. Eventually, they find one that they like and end up buying it. Where is the house?

17.   How many room-mates has Joey had from season 1-10??(Exclude pets...)

Informals by Anurag Shivaprasad, 2nd Sem IT, RVCE

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