Monday, August 27, 2012

Freshers Quizzical 1!

1. ‘X’ won the titles of 'Rustam-E-Punjab' and 'Rustam-E-Hind' for his wrestling prowess. He went to Singapore in 1947 and became the Champion of Malaysia (Indian style wrestling) by defeating Tarlok Singh in Kuala Lumpur. He has toured almost all far-east countries as a professional wrestler. He returned to India in 1952, became the Indian Champion and won the title Rustam-E-Hind in 1954.
Who is ‘X’?

2. “Proud holder of 17 Majors, 74 Singles titles* and twin daughters.” was the tagline for the new
Mercedes Benz 7-passenger 2013 GL ad. Who is being described in the ad?

3. One windscreen wiper instead of the usual pair, no power steering (unnecessary due to its light
weight), only one wing mirror, no airbags on any model, 624cc rear engine has only 2 cylinders, no air conditioning in base model. Which car am I talking about?

4. Connect- Treasure Island, Smugglers top, Mystery moor, Billycock hill, Finniston farm, Demons rocks.

5. The phonograph, motion picture camera, a stock ticker, a mechanical vote recorder, a battery for an electric car, electrical power, and the famous electric light bulb were some of the inventions of an
American inventor and businessman. Dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park" (now Edison, New Jersey) by a newspaper reporter, he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, and because of that, he is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory. Who?

6. What is the name given to a person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged
dishonest or illegal activities (misconduct) occurring in a government department, a public or private organization, or a company? The term comes from the sound in sports to indicate an illegal or foul play.

7. Cricket Australia has banned ______ from all international grounds due to objects being, either
unintentionally or deliberately, thrown into the air at the same time. These include plastic cups
containing beer, hot food items, or even urine, which affects the other spectators around the person
who threw it. It was also apparently been banned by the ICC during the 2007 Cricket World Cup held in West Indies. What?

8. ‘X’ is a savoury cake of south Indian origin. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter
and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice. The
fermentation process breaks down the starches so that they are more readily metabolized by the
body. Identify ‘X’.

9. Matches-834

Runs scored-61760

Batting average-50.70



Who holds these records in first class cricket?

10. "He was hardly more than five feet four inches but carried himself with great dignity. His head was exactly the shape of an egg, and he always perched it a little on one side. His moustache was very
stiff and military” Identify this famous fictional Belgian detective, created by Agatha Christie.

11. 13, 17, 31, 37, 71, 73, 79, 97, 107, 113, 149, a sequence of______. The largest known ______ is 1010006+941992101×104999+1. Fill in the blanks.
(Hint-The above series is just a group of numbers. Think about the speciality of each number and not as a series)

12. ‘X’ is a fictional character, a super villain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. ‘X’ was ranked #1 on Wizard's list of the 100 Greatest Villains of All Time. He was also named #2 on IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time List. He has been portrayed by Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger in films. ID ‘X’.

13. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the owner of a very popular football club. It was founded in 1880 as St. Mark's (West Gorton), they became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and ‘X’ in 1894. ID ‘X’.

14. Two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. What is the Greek name given to the golden ratio?

15. Born as Ramkrishna Yadav to Ram Nivas Yadav and Gulabo Devi in the Alipur village of Mahendragarh district in Haryana state of India, ‘X’ had a formal education till 8th standard in school. He then studied Indian scriptures, yoga and Sanskrit in various gurukuls. Eventually, he became sanyasi, renouncing worldly life & took his present name ’X’. He is a spiritual leader known for his ventures in yoga, ayurved and agriculture. The left part of his face is partly paralysed, perhaps a congenital disability, which makes ‘X’ wink involuntarily. Identify ‘X’

By Aditya S N, 3rd Sem, Mechanical Branch, RVCE

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