Saturday, September 01, 2012

Freshers Quiz 2012

RV QuizCorp held the Fresher’s quiz for the incoming batch of juniors on the 30th of August  2012. This event was conducted at the IEM Auditorium and was met with an amazing response, with people struggling to enter the premises.

No this NOT UTPT

The quiz promised a new outlook to quizzing and delivered with a thumping success. The crowd, packed to the rafters, were shown a video which gave them a glimpse of what they were in for if they became a part of QuizCorp. And they were not disappointed. A huge round of applause at the end of the video showed that they approved. 

QM Douche

This was followed by the preliminary round of the quiz consisting of 20 brain teasing and imaginative questions. These questions went on to test the crowd in a variety of topics, ranging from board games to viral internet videos. The freshers were thoroughly enthralled at the presentation and the simplicity of the questions and many a time, a fresher was seen pulling his hair out in agony.

The prelims were completed and it was time for the answers. There were volunteers of Quizcorp stationed in different parts of the auditorium with their hands full of chocolates, to give out to enthu-cutlets and cuttlesses with the right answers. Answers were shouted out and arguments broke out over the ownership of the chocolates, much to the delight of the volunteers. The answer sheets were corrected and much to the disappointment of many in the crowd, only nine teams were selected for the finals. Much to the surprise and delight of everyone, there were three all girls teams in the finals. We were in for an interesting final round.

The prelims was followed by the finals, was conducted by the 2nd year members of QuizCorp. The nine teams were introduced to different rounds in quizzing. A tightly contested battle ensued, with different teams leading the scores at different times. They were also introduced to special rounds such as the stage 2 and the long visual connect. The stage 2 was especially popular with the freshers, with the theme being “the Weasleys”. The team who won the quiz were given 3 very delectable Dairy Milk Silk bars, which brought them even more satisfaction

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