Thursday, February 07, 2013

Informals '13 Part 1: TV Shows!!

-Saketh S, 1st Year ME
 Shreyas HK,1st Year ECE

    1) The popular myth states that every ____ episode contains a reference to Superman. The facts are that ____ is a fan of Superman and the topic comes up frequently in the show. But, the Superman magnet and figurine weren’t added to X’s apartment until Season 4 and 5, respectively, and not all episodes even show the apartment. FITB.

    2) X was born somewhere in Switzerland in the spring of 1974. He was immediately placed in a basket and tossed in a river. At an early age, X was diagnosed with phallumegaly. As a result of his illness, X's sense of balance frequently shifts, causing short-term memory loss. X has been known to walk away from situations and not call again, and shouldn't be held accountable when he does.Name X or his alias.

    3) The original idea for the show was going to focus on four characters with ____ and X in supporting roles. In the early stages the creators toyed with the idea of X being gay. They changed their mind when they met _____. They did, however, insert many jokes about X having gay mannerisms (not knowing about sports, loving show tunes, etc.). 

      X's father's gay Las Vegas burlesque show is named Viva Las Gaygas. X?

    4) Despite the fact that some viewers take X's behavior, mannerisms, and social skills as a sign that X has Asperger's Syndrome or otherwise falls on the "Autism spectrum," the show-runners have persistently denied in many interviews that X has Asperger's or Autism. It should be noted however, that the actor who plays X  has stated that he does think that X actually does have Asperger's Syndrome and portrays him as such.Who is X?

   5) On January 3, 2013, it was announced that a team of Brazilian Biologists named a newly discovered type of orchid bee Euglossa Y. This is to honor the show, and specifically _____'s catchphrase "Y". Executive producer Steve Molaro responded in a press release: "We are always extremely flattered when the science community embraces our show. ____ would be honored to know that Euglossa Y was inspired by him. In fact, after 'Mothra' and griffins, bees are his third-favorite flying creatures." What is Y?

   6)    Knowledge of Literature – nil.
          Knowledge of Philosophy – nil.
          Knowledge of Astronomy – nil.
          Knowledge of Politics – Feeble.
          Knowledge of Botany – Variable. Well up in belladonna, opium and poisons generally.
          Knows nothing of practical gardening.
          Knowledge of Geology – Practical, but limited.
          Knowledge of Chemistry – Profound.
          Knowledge of Anatomy – Accurate, but unsystematic.
          Knowledge of Sensational Literature – Immense.
          Is an expert singlestick player, boxer and swordsman.
          Has a good practical knowledge of British law.
          Description of whom?

    7) Who lives on 742 Evergreen Terrace?

    8) Minimalist posters of what?
                          a)                                                           b)    

9) X was raised for the first four years of his life with a baby Gorilla named Magilla, which was part of an experiment being conducted by his mother. After flunking 8th grade, his mother had him evaluated, and the results were that he go through high school. He therefore skipped it. By the age of 19, he had made his first $1 million.Who is X?

  10) In this show, it's never mentioned as to what X does for a living. A is a pediatrician, B is a chiropractor, C is a jingle writer (and later a children's composer), D sells real estate, E is a housekeeper, F is an actress, and G sits on the board of directors at her father's bank. Name the show and X. (A-G are primary characters in the show)

  11) One of the series’ recurring features was ____, where a group of characters, usually the teenagers, sit in a ____, as the camera slowly pans, stopping at each character as he or she speaks. Thick clouds of smoke, frequent coughing, and an extreme wide-angle lens added to the "drug-induced" feel, making it apparent that they were under the influence of marijuana, although the audience never saw anyone actually smoking the drug. Which series are we talking about?


Raj Tejas said...

My answers:
1. Seinfeld
3. Chandler Bing
4. Sheldon
6. Sherlock Holmes
7. The Simpsons
8. a. Friends b. Lost
10. Two and a Half Men
11. That 70's show

DK said...

5 is again BBT. Y = Bazinga
9 is 2.5 men.