Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Answers to Informals '14 Part 1

1.X-Phonebloks Y-Project Ara
2.X-Motorola Y-Apple
3.X-MicroMax Y-Russia
4.X-Nest Y-Google
6.LG G Flex
7.X-Paul Allen Y-Microsoft Z-Bill Gates
8.X- CES(Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas) Y-Apple
11. The word 'candy' and 'saga' getting patented by the creators of the app Candy Crush Saga. 
12. Smart watches
13. These are the Games released by Google for Google glass. 
14.T Mobile recently launched a service where they would help customers of other carriers to"break up"with their current carriers to join T Mobile's service. The letter enclosed is an example where the user writes a break up letter to AT&T and decides to move to TMobile.

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