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Informal'14 Part 3 :SIMPLY POLITICS!

                                                                               By Rakshith Ponnathpur, 1stYearCSE 
                                                                                             Sanjay Vinayak ,1st Year CSE

1)   When X was in the court defending an innocent man,a message was given to him about
 the death of his wife. X did not show any feelings and fought the case.At last the judge asked 
him what was the message given to him was by the unknown person. X replied sadly that his
 wife had died..Something about X is going on, which is supposed to set a world record. Put 

2)   In September 2009, both X and Y were ordered by the then FM, Pranab Mukherjee to vacate from a particular place. X was then Y ‘s boss. Both are from neighbouring states in south India and both have been ministers of cabinet rank . X was also the cm of a state and Y has been in the news recently. Id X and Y and the place from where (general) they were ordered to vacate?

3)  X is a former law minister of India and also a very senior advocate. X was featured on the list of one of the most powerful persons in India according to a survey by The Indian Express. He was a member of both the BJP and Congress and is the founding member of a political party Y. In Dec 2013, he was falsely accused of writing a newspaper article in 'Mail Today' defaming the leader of Y. Id X and Y.

 4)    Here is X’s political record 
    Balrampur – 1957, 1967
    Gwalior – 1971
    New Delhi – 1977, 1980
    Vidisha – 1991
    Gandhinagar – 1996
    Lucknow – 1991, 1996, 1998

X is the only politician who has won from 6 different constituencies and from four different states. Id X.

5)   His biography _________ was written by his nationalist friend and an eminent writer of Hindi literature, Ramavruksha Benipuri. Returning from the US in late 1929 as a supporter of Marxist theories, _______ joined the Indian National Congress on the invitation of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1929; Mahatma Gandhi became his mentor in the Congress. When he was imprisoned at the Hazaribhag Jail during the Quit India Movement, his friend Yogendra Shukla put him on his shoulders, scaled the prison wall and carried him on his shoulders for a distance of about 124 kms and reached Gaya to join the protests. Eventually, he won the Magsassay Award for Public Service in 1965 and became the 10th posthumous awardee of the Bharat Rathna in 1998. Who is he?

6) X won the Delhi Student Union Presidential Election by a huge margin in 1995. X became All India Convenor of the NSUI in 1996 and in 1997, X was appointed as the All India President of NSUI. X was part of the National Commission for Women until 2012 when she was removed from the NCW for naming a sexual assault victim. Some of X’s achievements include winning the ‘Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award For working for the women’s cause’  in 2009 and ‘Shresht Stree Award in Student Leadership’ in 1996. X is the chairman of NGO “Go India Foundation” and was in the news recently. Who is X?

7)  The Co-Princes of Andorra are the two rulers of the Principality of Andorra, a small landlocked nation lying in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. Founded in 1278 through a treaty between the Catalan Bishop of Urgell and the French Count of Foix, this unique monarchial arrangement has persisted through medieval times to the present day.  Currently, the Bishop of Urgell and X serve as Andorra's co-princes, following the transfer of the Count of Foix's claims to the Crown of France, and thence to the French Republic.ID X?

8)   X currently holds one of the most powerful posts in the world. X played a crucial role in pushing for USA's invasion of Iraq in 2003. X's spouse is heiress to a world famous    ketchup manufacturer. Gimme X and the ketchup manufacturer

9) __________ is a businesswoman and a politician. She is the youngest female PM of her country at 45.Her country has been in the news recently due to political agitations against her and her party for trying to pass a bill that would provide amnesty to her brother and party cadres over murder charges. FIB and give me her country.

10)  Y was a member of the Order of the British Empire and also a high ranking member of British Intelligence.In 1963, Y was revealed to be a member of the spy ring now known as the Cambridge Five serving KGB and NKVD. The antagonist of a recent 2011 movie 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' is said to be based on Y. ID Y

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