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Informals '14 Part 4: Cartoons and Comics

                                                                                               By  Nihal Mohan, 1st Year Mech 
                                                                                                      Suraj Manjesh  ,1st Year CSE

1. Where would you find Val Hallen, Major Glory, and The Infraggable Krunk?

2. A TV anchorman announces, "We interrupt this program to bring you...X the Y show, starring X, the Y! Abandoned as a pup, he was found by ______, who lives in the middle of Nowhere with her husband, _______ _____.... But creepy stuff happens in Nowhere. It's up to X to save his new home!"  this is the opening lines of which show?

3. X and Y are considered to be the creators of time and space whereas Z represents antimatter.
 X and Y fight a lot and on one occasion, Z intervenes. Z is supposedly banished to a world on the reverse side for its violence. Give me X, Y, Z who are also known as the creation trio.

4.  ________________________ follows two children named X and Y, who after winning a limbo game to save X's ten-year-old pet hamster, gain the mighty Grim Reaper as their best friend in eternal servitude and slavery forever and ever. X is a dim-witted , optimistic and kind-hearted whereas Y is dark. ill-tempered, sinister and very intelligent. ID the show (blank) and X and Y.

5.  The choice of a X as the Pet in Y was inspired by media underuse as well as to exploit the creatures striking appearance. The choice of X also gives freedom to "make stuff up" since "no one knows very much about them." X and Y?

6. Connect: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, Lockheed martin F22 Raptor, An-255 Cossack Transport plane, VF-1S Super Valkyrie, F14 tomcat, SU-27 Flanker and some more to a fictional character.

7.  Connect - Haze, Rage, Oceanus, Naturon, Nuova, Eis, Syn and Omega.

8.  In X, holding one of the 12 _______ will give its holder one of the following superhuman abilities - Animation of inanimate objects, Super Strength, Balance, Super Speed, Combustion, Invisibility, Healing/Renewal, Astral Projection, Shape-shifting, Levitation, Immortality and Heat Vision.
 Id the show, X .

9.  X was born to Y’s sister at St. Bernard’s hospital on December 20  1979. but another episode shows that X met Y when it was young. X idolizes his uncle Y and helps Y and his friends in solving mysteries. Y is VERY popular. X was initially considered a breakout character that brought the series to fame but was later credited for the show’s decline. X and Y please who share a common 3 letter surname?

10.  X is also known by the name Tuffy. Initially, he was presented as a peer of Y with no relation to him. In later episodes, he was made Y’s nephew. X speaks more than Y. He is depicted as speaking in different ways on different occasions which include French, Saxon, English, British cockney etc. X is usually depicted as being hungry. Although Y cares for X, he gets mad at Y whenever he does something dangerous or reckless. X and Y? If it’s any hint, Y and Z are very famous….

11.  Nigel Uno, Hoagie Gilligan Jr., Kuki  Sanban, Wallaby “Wally” Beatles, Abigail “Abby” Lincoln are the ‘real’ names of which group of ‘agents’? Name of the show is sufficient.

12.  This is the longest running Cartoon network Original series and Canadian-made animated series to date. It follows the lives of three adolescent boys who all share variations in the same name. The series takes place in the town of peach creek. One is a strong, dim-witted workhorse of the group, the other is an inventor, neat freak, and the most intelligent of the them. The last one is a greedy, ill-tempered con artist, loudmouth, and self-appointed leader of the Trio.
ID the three which will also give you the name of the show

13.  X are a group of intergalactic police with john stewart a.k.a _____ being one of its most famous members..  X's uniform consists mainly of their signature colour which is also reflected in their name.. Id X

14.  X and Y ,though of totally different works of fiction have been referenced to each other and hence Y believed to be a descendant of X. the reason being that in one of the episodes, Y says a famous quote by X and attributes it to his ancestor. Because of this, there has been a great deal of fan fiction depicting X as a ______. Many suggest that the creator of Y wanted Y to be a descendant of the creator of X from his mother’s side. Anyway, X and Y yaaru?

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Justice Friends, Courage the cowardly dog, dunno this, Grim and Mandy adventures, 7 - Shadow Dragons,Jackie Chan Adventures, 10. TOM AND JERRY!! - the small mouse nibbles I think, Code name kids next door, Ed Edd and Eddy,Green Lantern, dunno the last one either. :)
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