Tuesday, March 11, 2014

UTPT '14 Schedule

Here goes the revised schedule of Asia's Largest Quiz Fest happening at RVCE (March 20-23)!!


9.30 A.M                  Indi-Genius Prelims
11 A.M                     Sakkath Sawaal Prelims
1 P.M                       Indi-Genius  Finals
3.30 P.M                   SciBizTech Prelims 
4.30 P.M                   SciBizTech Finals


8.45 A.M                  Sakkath Sawaal Finals
10 A.M                     Game Theory Prelims
11.30 A.M                Game Theory  Finals
3 P.M                       Lieut-En-Ent Prelims 
4.30 P.M                  Lieut-En-Ent Finals

Day 3 [RVCE]
Lots of informal quizzes

Day 4 [NMKRV Auditorium, Jayanagar]
9 A.M                       General Quiz 
3 P.M                       Magnum Open 

1. Sakkath Sawaal (The Karnataka Quiz)

     This is a quiz which will amaze each and every kannadiga out there with its own set of brilliant fundae and karnatakada suddhi samacharagalu which will prove to be as interesting as it could get! So gear up for this new addition to list of quizzes. 

2. Indi-genius (The India Quiz)

     Its gonna deal with anything and everything be it epics Ramayana, Mahabharata to  politics, Bollywood, current affairs, ecology, cricket and what not! It wouldn't be enough to say it all about our Mother India.

3.Ψ-Tech (The Business, Science and Technology Quiz)  

    So all the science, tech and biz maniacs out there, its a wonderful deal here to win a good amount! Just turn up , showcase your knowledge and you will have loads of fun(funda!) . 

4.Game Theory (The Sports Quiz)

    This is for all the Sport freaks who could really check if its worth spending hours together glued to the TV (even at odd times). So be ready to discover how good/bad you're at it and try your luck!!

5.Lieut-en-ent (The Literature and Entertainment Quiz)
    If your totally crazy about everything related to literature, here is the place where you should be and you could make use of this opportunity provided you are equally an entertainment fanatic at the same time!! Dont miss it!

6.The Major Quiz (The General Quiz)
    Here is the quiz where you can prove your mettle in general knowledge area. So test your skills where topics may include anything between life, modern world, celebs, science, ent and anything general one can think of!

7.The Magnum Open (The Open General Quiz)
      This is the quiz which is totally open to the public irrespective of age, conducted by  the well known quizzer Nitish Khadiya, an R.V.Alumnus. So don't forget to turn up at NMKRV!!

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