Friday, September 22, 2006

The Wonder Years

Hi all ,
One of the junis aked me to put some senti on the group ... so here goes ... i ain't such a good
writer ... i dont know if it's senti enough .. but these are some of my experiences in
quizcorp... (for those of you already bored there's a quiz at the end of this - so feel free to
skip to that)

Quizcorp .. wonderful quizcorp ... it gave me knowledge .. it gave me pleasure .. it made me
responsible ... it let me escape the mundane routine of college ... most importantly it made a
better man ...

my first tryst with quizcorp was before i even joined college .. it was a KQA quiz conducted by bib, ganja and shreeram ... and i thought "man ! these guys are GOOD" ... i still remember the "american beauty" funda ...

my memories of 1st year in college are kinda hazy but i remember that in all the NLS quizzes that year all the 6 teams that qualified were from QuizCorp !!! later i found out this had been the case all along .. of course we being in 1st year had no chance whatsoever ... it didn't matter tho ... we were learning from the masters themselves ... that years' UTPT rocked ... pingu and i were the "welcoming commitee" for the outstation students ... that meant riding at 4 am from CV raman nagar to majestic ... freezing our butts off ..and trying to keep warm by the fire lit by some beggars on the pavement near the hotel ... oh ! i also learnt a whole bunch of new words like "obi", "puttax", "peter", "funda", "8-piece connect" , etc.

2nd year was better quizzing wise .... we had gone to iit bombay fest ... the look on their faces
when they realised that we were Quizcorp was just priceless ... they were scared shitless ...
apparently thatha or someone had gone a few years earlier and belted the living daylights out of them... i had a kickass time during UTPT 2k4 ... too good ...

3rd year was even better ... we (pompoms) got to do the whole ent quiz for utpt .. thats when i
realised what it meant to finish at the 11th hour ... we finished setting the quiz and went
outside the audi to brush our teeth and realised they had already started the registrations for
it !!! that year i also learnt what it takes to make those 3 wonderful days happen ... the
sponsorhip madness ... the publicity stunts .... the late night dramas leading upto it

the 4th year was the best ... had a ball of a time .. great quizzing ... awesome utpt .... will
never forget the 3 days of absolute chaos ... yet somehow it seemed to fix itself and pass
smoothly .. the thing i'll remember most is kodhi coming upto us and sayin "great quizzes guys !
reminds me of the mihir-khadiya-bib-ganja-shreeram old school quizzing days " .. man ! thats the best compliment i've ever got ...

and girls ? hmm ... 1st year we had 2 .. next year 4 ... the year after that 7 ... last i checked
it was 8 ( i think ) ... phew ! thats unheard of ... "you've come a long way, baby ! " . Indeed.

And through all these years i may not remember the number of quizzes won or the quizzes conducted or the quizzes themselves... but i will never forget the joys of taking part in one .. the feeling you get after cracking a "funda" ... or the joys/pains of setting a utpt quiz ... or the
camaraderi of all the Quizcorp members ...

Kevin Arnold, the kid from The Wonder Years, summed it up best:
" Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, the next day you're gone. But the memories .... they stay with you for the long haul ...... And the thing is, after all these
years, I still look back, with WONDER"


i never posted a quiz when i was in coll .. but what the heck .. better late than never ....
answers in a week.

1.This person has the unfortunate distinction of being the only person whose Bharat Ratna (
awarded in 1992) has been later withdrawn (due to a technicality). Who ?

2.This film is supposedly inspired by the following poem written by Dushyant Kumar
Aaj bhi jiska khoon na kholaKhoon nahi woh paani haiJo desh ke kaam na aayeWoh bekaar jawaani hai.
which film ?

3.This was supposedly first used in the film "distant drums". Ben Burtt the Star Wars sound
designer later found it in a studio reel labelled " Man eaten BY an alligator" and name it after
a minor character in "The Charge at Feather river ". What ?

4.The title of the film was taken from the Battle Hymn of the Republic, by Julia Ward Howe :
"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,He is trampling out the vintage where the _____ __ _____ are stored,He has loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword,His truth is marching on"
Fill in the blanks .

5.______ was appropriately incorporated on April Fool's Day, 1983, when six businessmen with absolutely no previous restaurant experience got together and decided to open a place they couldn't get kicked out of. Soon after, on October 4th of that year, the doors to the first
______Restaurant opened in Clearwater, Florida. Which restaurant chain ?


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