Thursday, February 01, 2007

Under the Peepal Tree 2007

Yes,ladies and gentleman,we're back.Its that time of the year again,with fundaes and no peters,and India's largest quizfest is right around the corner,bigger and better than ever. Don't quite know where to begin just yet,so maybe a recap and intro seems in order.
For the uninitiated,UTPT is a fest of quizzes.Three days,and seventy thousand bucks worth of quizzes!Young and old,unemployed and corporate,we have space for em' all.Add informal quizzes with finger lickin' prizes,audience goodies,and........did i mention eighty grand??Ohh,and.....its free!!Whats the catch you ask??Well,you have to get to the venue by yourself.And,well,there are no lifelines as such.Add to that the prospect of quizzing with the best around the country.You haven't heard of it before,you say??Well,then its about time you got off that couch and started reading some newspapers.Or at the very least,this blog!!
UTPT 2006 was my first year at RVCE, and what an extravaganza it was.Three days of unrelenting,untiring,non stop funda bombardment!!IIM-B staged a neat clean sweep,and an even neater bag of moolah.Infosys claimed honours at the corporate quiz.For us mere mortals,it was three days of hard work in a pursuit of happyness!!
Onto this year's edition.
There's a slight change in our usual schedules.This time around,we kick off college quizzes with the Sports Quiz on Friday,the 23rd Feb,at 9 AM.Thats followed by the Sci-Tech Quiz from 2 PM.We shift venue for the Sci Tech Quiz,to nearby NMKRV's plush new auditorium.But its the usual RV Teacher's for the rest.
On Saturday we begin with the Major Quiz,which is General.We move onto Indigenius in the afternoon.Finally,its the A/V Open and the Corporate on Sunday,the 25th Feb.Mind you,there are two other quizzes happening in the afternoon on the same day,by KQA.Rest assured,we'll have all timings coordinated.So teams.....please do wake up in time to get to the Open Quiz on Sunday please.Wake up call service provided:)
Phew...........So that,in a nutshell,is UTPT 2007.One school quiz,four college quizzes,one open,and the grand finale,the Corporate Quiz.Seventy Grand in cash waiting to be looted.Here's a wrap up then:

Friday,23rd Feb-Sports,Sci Tech
Saturday,24th Feb-General,India
Sunday,25th Feb-A/V Open,Corporate.

All quizzes on 23rd and 24th to be held at the RV Teacher's College,Jayanagar,except Sci Tech.
Venue for Sci Tech-NMKRV,Jayanagar(we'll provide directions)
Venue for Sunday quizzes to be confirmed at a later date.
Interested??Then kindly WATCH THIS SPACE for more details!


Abhishek Nag said...

good stuff! expect to see me there.

Anonymous said...

As long there is no unnecessary chest-beating nonsense that we ve seen at times, i m hoping that it will be good this time. Heard some not-too-flattering reviews last yr. Only the "quizcorpers" liked the quizzes, it seems.
So pls do kindly cut the usual "oh , we dont peter stuff ". Its quite stale.

Aditi said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
We'd be delighted to dispel all myths you seem to have heard from your discerning friends last year.
Hoping you'd turn up at our humble fest this year and find out for yourself.