Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Appetizer 1

1)Don Miguel _______, in full Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio _______ y Costilla Gallaga Mondarte Villaseñor (8 May 1753 – 30 July 1811) also known as Cura _______ (Priest _______), was the chief instigator of Mexico's war of independence against Spain. In the mining/farming region of central Mexico Miguel _______ and other criollos of high society started conspiring for a considerable uprising of mestizos and indigenous peasants.In less than a year he was at the gates of Mexico City, with an army big enough to capture it.For reasons that have puzzled historians, he retreated.Nevertheless, his star diminished from then on and _______ himself was captured some time later, forced publicly to repent, and then was executed for his crimes. _______ is remembered even today as the great liberator of Mexico and the Father of the Nation.Fill in the blanks.

2)"It was in Forman Christian College that I learned how to make a timebomb, which i later used to good effect..........but those were relatively innocent times,and the only kind of homemade bomb then known was the Molotov cocktail........The fuse of a normal firecracker attached to a filterless cigarette could become a timed fuse,depending on the length of the cigarette.....We left a time cracker in a big steel trash bin outside the house of our Warden.There was a deafening bang and everyone started running towards the Warden's house."Excerpts from which book?Identify author as well.

3)Cinema afficianados have often compared X to Greta Garbo.X stepped off stage when her fame and beauty was at its peak because she wanted people to remember her as she was then.Temperamental,moody, yet affectionate,caring and intensely religious,she had some odd habits,like keeping all her shoes and sandals in her car.She would step out her house in bathroom slippers and then slip into one of these when she got out.Garbo's father was a latrine-cleaner,x's father was a sanitary inspector.Both had disastrous marriages,both their husbands supported them in the early stages of their film careers,and both husbands died in foreign lands.Identify X

4)"_________________" is a song written by Herman Hupfeld for the 1931 Broadway musical Everybody's Welcome.Frances Williams sang the song in the original show. It was recorded by several artists in 1931 including Rudy Vallee.It was more famously re-introduced in a 1942 film.The song is used as a theme for a British TV comedy series by the same name.Identify.

5)In astronomy, the _________ is the line between the day side and the night side of a planetary body.In electronics, a _________ is placed at the end of a transmission line or daisy chain bus.In genetics, a ________ marks the end of a gene on the DNA for transcription; it is used in some genetically engineered crops to prevent collection and resowing of seed.In biotechnology, _________ Technology refers to proposed methods for restricting the use of genetically modified plants.Any idea what these are?Fill in the blanks,if its in your fate.

6)Whose website reads thus:

7)Identify person in frame:

8)Identify two characters in the foreground:

9)Ad for which company?

10)Fill in the blank

Apologies for poor pic quality,somehow blogger wont allow any better resolution.


Abhishek Nag said...

1. Hidalgo
2. The Line of Fire, Parvez M
4. As Time Goes By
5. Terminator
6. Linus Torvalds
8. Murder on the Orient Express
9. Globosport (kinda arbit)
10. Branson's

Anonymous said...

Lo Abhi Naga,

Ninna time nalli iddidu questions ondu nu neenu update maadlilla. Ivaga, ee boy nodu...eshtu chennagi "Appetizer" antha questions haakidane. Adakkella neenu eshtu easy aagi answer haakidiya! Ninna time nalli enu ayhto, magane? Neenu mathe aa loafer Gowda....bari maathu nimma ellardu...ondu question nu update maadlilla chappars. Pthu nimajji. Bari stylu nindu.

Shata Thatha

Arpan said...

Answers,and associated apologies.
2)Pervez Musharraf's "In the Line of Fire"
3)Suchitra Sen
4)As Time Goes By,of Casablanca fame
6)Linus Torvalds
7)Frank Miller(screenshot for Sin City,he plays the priest)
8)Hercule Poirot and Michael Corleone
9)Globosport(not arbit once clues on the pic are readable.Google wont allow it,unfortunately)
10)Richard Branson