Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ladies and Gentleman,the ferocity of pending work one is confronted with after three days of bliss that is UTPT,is simply not amusing.Finally one recognises(or is made to recognise)existing family members and other sundry associates who deserve(or demand) one's attention.One's college professors wait with glee to mark out one's hapless attendance status,and then turn one out of class for "gross misconduct".For the above,and much more,one begs pardon from all our regular readers(!!) for another instance of gross misconduct!!
Anyhow,that apart,UTPT is done.Sigh,if only it went on for another week.No regrets.For three magical days of our lives,we quizzed loads,drank lots,ate little,and slept littler still.For three days,we laughed,we danced(well,not really),and we were generally merry.For three days,we entertained,we rewarded,and we drank to our hearts.Such was UTPT!
Anyhow,now for the all important results.

Sports Quiz Winners:BMSCE (Keep Distance)

Sci-Tech Winners:

General Quiz Winners:IIT Madras

India Quiz Winners:IIT Madras

Open Quiz Winners:Swami and team

Corporate Quiz Winners:Swami and team

Congratulations to all our winners,and all those who helped make UTPT possible.Until next time,or next post,Adios.

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