Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Audi Vidi Vici 2009 - The Open Audio Visual Quiz

Hey Folks,

The Audi Vidi Vici 2009 was the last of the 5 quizzes at R.V.Teachers'.It kicked off at about 6 in the evening on Saturday,right after the Sport Quiz.
The Prelims were a mix of visual connects,audios and videos (as an Audio Visual Quiz would require).Teams gathered by the dozens,and on registration count,the official number stood at around 40.
The Quiz was designed to be short and tight,so that we could wrap up within time.6 teams were to make it to the finals.Its almost become a tradition at the Open AV to have a tie for the last place,and just like last year,we ended up with 7 teams on stage.
The finals featured 7 rounds.Notable mention to the Long Visual Connect about characters from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.Credits to Avinash,our in house first year quizzer.
It boiled down to 4 teams almost on par at the last round.After the dust settled,Swami and Team came out on top,closely followed by Keep Distance,and a tie between Varun Rajiv and Team and Krishnamurti and Team for 3rd place.
Big thanks to Harry,Prashanth,Avinash,Jose,Varun for contributions.Thanks to all the junta for turning up and staying back for the finals.Hope to see you guys next year.
Goodnight and Good Luck!
PS:Please do check this for links to all the quizzes at UTPT '09.Thanks again!

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