Thursday, April 09, 2009

Game Theory 2009 - The Sports Quiz

Game Theory, as ever was played out before a crowd of most knowledgeable and discerning sports fans. The prelims featured questions on topics varying from Veterinary Surgeons through the Philipines’ House of Representatives and Golliwogs all the way to the (almost) king of Spain! Nobody felt left out!

As with most of the quizzes at UTPT, qualification to the finals was a very close run thing. In the end, as is our usual policy (having experienced first hand the dejection of failing to qualify on stars) an 8 team final was agreed upon by the quizmasters.

The final was arranged with a focus, not merely on facts and figures but on the essence of those sporting moments from the past which filled us with great emotion but which alas, the passage of time has more likely than not shunted to the recesses of our minds. There were also a number of questions based on the very latest developments in sport, one question on a recent massively circulated story about cricket having been invented in Belgium illustrates that effort exquisitely. In the end it was the students of National Law School who emerged victorious claiming first and second places. The quiz did rather stretch the bounds of time allotted to it but what good quiz doesn’t ?

The quizmasters were Varun (Cry the king), Sarath (s@^^*&a), Aditya (Rooney) ably supported by Gautham (Goat), Jose, Tony, Monty, Nakul, Harry and Merin. Game theory will be back next year, better than ever. Until then, we fade out (imagine rocky theme playing)… 


Anonymous said...

Awesome sports quiz. Brilliant stuff..

Vigneshwar said...

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