Wednesday, February 03, 2010

By the Gods, we are back at it again

In accordance to the wishes of the masses, here are more stuff to crack. 1 Question a day till the big event "UTPT10". So as with any event, we start with an invocation to the gods.

1) The encircled guy in the pic did a first and many organizations protested this as the country's motto says something else. What did he do?


Harry said...

putting Hindu Gods on (unofficial) US stamps, i suppose,
the motto in question being 'In God We Trust'.

Rand Al'Thor said...

The encircled guy is a temple priest who gave the first-ever Hindu prayer in U.S. Congress. Yeah, the Christian associations cried foul as the US says 'In God(singular) we trust' and not a pantheon of gods like in Hinduism.