Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Report on Eco Quiz 2011

The Renewable Energy Club of RVCE, in association with QC conducted the Eco Quiz 2011.

Date: 18th October 2011 (10.00AM to 3 P M)
Venue: IEM auditorium and BT Seminar hall.
Audience: Students from RVCE inclusive of all departments and years.
Quiz Masters: Vijay.R-5th Sem,BT
                      Kunal.M-3rd Sem, IT
                      Trisha.G-5th Sem,Mech.
 1) Sumukh-1st Sem, Mech
    Pratheek-1st Sem, Mech
    Kishore-1st Sem, Mech

 2) Prasun-7th Sem, CS
   Karthik-7th Sem, Mech
   Arjun-7th Sem, Mech

All publicity etc. was done by the RE Club of RVCE as part of the renewable energy day. RVQuizCorp lent its services to organize, manage and conduct the quizzing event, with Vijay and Trisha conducting the event in IEM Auditorium and Kunal conducting in BT seminar hall.

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