Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Report on Fresher's Quiz 2011

Date: 16th Septmeber 2011 (11.00AM to 3 P M)
Venue: BT seminar Hall and Mech Seminar Hall(Prelims), Mech Seminar Hall(Finals)
Audience: 1st Year Students of all departments.
Publicity: Class to class publicity was done in all 1st yr class rooms.
Quiz Masters: Prelims was hosted by 3rd years and each round in the finals were hosted by each 2nd yr quizcorper.

1)                                Nikhil K                                               

2)                               Aditya Muttur
Anurag Shivaprasad

3)                               Nipun

Winners have received certificates certifying their position in the quiz. Certificates were also provided to the other 10 finalists. The Quiz was well received by the target audience and sufficiently impressed upon them the idea of RVQuizCorp. Some participants have joined QuizCorp to begin their Quizzing career in RVCE.

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