Thursday, March 08, 2012

I won't talk! I won't say a word!

A hundred thousand years of evolution can't go wrong! We're not talking about the evolution of Homo sapiens ignoramus; or the beginning of the Sith civilization on Korriban; Nor about Angelina's Jolie's leg finally being given celeb status! The more perceptive of you might have realized that I was talking about ART!

ART! Not Bart, Stupid!

That's right, One hundred thousand years, since Art's been changing from lowly aurochs on Lascaux cave walls, to Michelangelo's David, and to reach the stage of 'Contemporary'. With Classical, Renaissance(Angelina's leg being a part of it, go ahead Google it!), Surrealism, Abstract, Feminist, Minimalist and Ascii forms all thrown in between. 

We, at RVCE QuizCorp decided to bring back the excitement to this once familiar Joie de vivre, that is Art. By selecting the theme of UTPT 2012 to be all such forms of expression, we aim to spread a little awareness among the populace, something the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru really has excelled at!

We have a mean little kitty of quizzes designed to tickle your fancy, whether you prefer paintings, Michael Jordan's latest sports quote or Jigarthanda at your favourite beach side Idli shop. Starting from the 30th of March till the 1st of April 2012, we have 6 quizzes - Indi-genius, Psi-tech, Game Theory, Lieut-en-ent, The Major Quiz and The Magnum Open. 

So here are some posters designed by our resident Duchamp, Nikhil Kajaria ( yes, he will do autographs). 

Based on The Son of Man ( nothing to do with the Phil Collins song) by René Magritte.

Raja Ravi Varma inspired us with his Jatayu.

The easily recognizable Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci.

Because Photography, just like Kate Upton on Sports Illustrated is Art! And Boxing is a Sport! Brownie points for identifying the two boxers.

If these posters have got your imagination soaring at a frenetic pace, you should see what our quizzes will do to your minds. Here's a hint :

"I won't talk! I won't say a word!" as said by Jean Dujardin in The Artist, a movie which showed us you don't need very many words to express something (Surgeon Generals warning: the author of this blog is a compulsive hypocrite). 
Art gives us freedom, where every viewer can be a critic and there is an empty canvas for free-flow of thought. There is truth and beauty in Art. A highly creditable notion severely marred by the tiny Rangers FC like logo on the posters. If you look closely enough into the posters, you should be able to see Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q somewhere and thus granted the ability to ignore afore mentioned blue-red-white logos completely. 

So get ready to dig in to the main course of Serious Quiz - Bizness. UTPT 2012 awaits!


Merin said...

Love the posters! :)

trio1611 said...

Thank You! We're working hard. Please try out the questions as well and give the blog address to all your friends!

jose' said...

Amazing work on the posters. Never seen so many posters for dedicated quizzes :). Cheers.

Nikhil Kajaria said...

Glad you mentioned that I'm doing autographs ! :P

Nikhil Kajaria said...

Glad you mentioned that I'm doing autographs. Cheers !