Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Informals Part 4:Shocked by Current Affairs?

1. X was a company started by 3 PayPal employees. X recently completed 7 years successfully. It is   presently one of the most famous websites and is owned by another company that is the most famous website in the world. Gimme X & Y

2. Recently a major techno company lost, X lost a patent lawsuit regarding one of its major product to another company Y.  Gimme X & Y.

3. X is an American company that is quite famous for cereal and people usually have it for breakfast. It recently announced that it is planning to buy another business from Proctor & Gamble Co. to build its position in global snacks market, X?

4. The song X was the only song released from the film album because it was supposedly leaked. Now one of its versions has become a party song for the upcoming Assembly elections. X? And which state?

5. Connect: Two and a half men, Anger Management and Wall Street.

6. Which company said that it would shelve its flagship business that had been its face for over 100 years?

7. Recently an MP of a foreign country came under heavy criticism for campaigning for a candidate for elections in an Indian state Name the MP and the Indian state.

8. The ancestral state of 2 great Indian actors was recently declared as national monument by the government of another country. Name the country and the two actors.

9._______, Ben, Giraffe, Santa (HINT: Think ‘SMART’)   FITB

10. Connect Metro –Goldwyn Mayer and

11. One of the Greatest Opening batsmen of all time was recently inducted into the ICC hall of fame. He was presented the honor by an equally famous cricketer. Who? And who presented him with this award?

12.Some time ago, the leader of a banned outfit campaigning for the independence of an Indian state agreed for peace talks with the Centre. Identify the leader, the outfit and the state. 

13. X was a former Hollywood star known more for his build than for his acting. He then plunged into politics and rose to the top position in a US state. Recently it emerged that he had committed adultery and consequently he split from his wife as well as lost his post in the subsequent elections. Identify X, his post and the US state.

14. X is a senior Indian politician. He was formerly the chief minister of an Indian state, Y. X was then appointed to a top post by the central government. He was required to give the very first speech to mark India's election to a powerful body, y, of a world organization. But he committed a major farce in the very beginning of the speech by reading out the Portuguese representative’s speech, thus causing embarrassment to India. Identify X, Y

15. X is a world famous British company with a great heritage. Its field of business is in a multibillion dollar industry. It has a strong foothold in India. X was recently purchased by Y, a big American company, as part of Y's plan to compete with a, a giant Swiss company Z. Identify X,Y,Z..

16. X was a famous newspaper noted for its straight-faced policy of giving the public what they wanted, a policy it had followed for nearly 150 years. During the sixties, it was bought by Y, a person who would later build a huge multinational company Z. Last year Z was forced to close down X, after X became the object of investigating and protest due to allegation of unethical methods employed by some of its employees. X,Y,Z?

By Sumukh and Pratik

Answers to informal 3


neethrvce said...

1 YouTube , Google
2 apple , proview
3 Kelloggs
4 why this kolaveri di?
5 Charlie sheen
8 raj kapoor , dev anand?
9 talking tom
10 tom and jerry?
11 sunil gavaskar , kapil dev
13 arnold schwarzenegger
14 karnataka ,s m krishna
15 cadbury, ? , nestle
16 news of the world , rupert murdoch, 20th century fox

Raj Tejas said...

1. X - Youtube Y - Google
3. Kelloggs
4. UP, Kolaveri
5. Charlie Sheen
10. Oscars?
11. Telangana?
13. Arnold Schwartzenegger
14. S.M. Krishna, UN
15. Unilever, ?, ?
16. Rupert Murdoch, News of the World, ?