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Informals Part 5: European Footie!

1. The club X was formed in 1886 as workers’ team. X became the first team to use shirt numbers during a game. They have the unique record in champions league for fielding all 11 players of different nationality twice. ID X.

2. X is a midfielder and considered to be the finest dead ball specialist. X’s fielding in a club Y, won the club their only 7 seasons from 2001 to 2009.He was the creator of the “Shoot of the Snake”.  ID X.

3. Put funda.  Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Manuel Sanchís Hontiyuelo(Real Madrid) , Sergio Busquets (F C Barcelona).

4. X is a Brazilian footballer known for his strength and power.  He is popularly known by a name Y for his resemblance to the actor who played the role of Y. He was the architect of his side’s two league cups and one Europa cup. He also had the honour of being Portuguese league’s player of the year. ID X and Y.

5. Miguel Muñoz, Josep Guardiola, Giovanni Trapattoni, Johan Cruyff, Frank Rijkaard, X.ID X.

6. X is one of the inductee of FIFA 100. His first national call was as a backup for the 1994 FIFA World cup. X was awarded the UEFA fair play in 2001. X became the first and the only person of his playing position to win the Golden Ball. ID X.

7. 2006 Luis Ronaldo
                  2008 Roberto Carlos
                  2009 Ronaldinho
                  2011 X
                  ID X.

8. German Bundesliga – Bayern Munich
Spanish La Liga – Real Madrid
English Premier League – Manchester United
Italian Serie A – X

9. X was built in 1702. It was used as a workshop for the architects. Later by the idea of Johan Cruyff It has been transformed into what it is today. It is the best place of its professional kind. ID X.

10. During the 2005-06 UEFA Champions League season, X had not conceded a goal   the entire season until the final when he was sent off thus becoming the first player to be sent off in a champions league final. X?

11. ________ is a global banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. As of 2010 it was the world's 10th-largest banking and financial services group and 21st-largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine. The company finds itself here in a football quiz for a reason thought its profile suggests otherwise. Fill in the blank.

12. The phrase most likely originated from The ______, a horse race in England, founded by the 12th Earl of ______ in 1780, since at least as early as 1840 '______' has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest especially football. A local ____ is just a sporting contest between local rivals. It may be that the Earl, or his ancestors, are responsible for lending their titled name to sporting events, giving rise to the '______' match. There are also several other theories regarding the origin of this phrase. Whats the phrase?

13. A fan chant dedicated to whom. The blank is the player’s name itself.
“I saw my mate the other day
 He said to me he'd seen the white Pele
 So I asked,
  "Who is he?"
  He goes by the name of   _______    _______
  _______    _________
  _______    _________
 He goes by the name of ______    _______”

14. El clásico - Real Madrid and Barcelona
Le classique - _________ and __________
Fill in the blanks.

15. Fill in the blank. Associazione Calcio __________

16.  Years                      Team                                     Appearances (Goals)                                                    
  1999–2001          Ajax Cape Town                              24 (6)                                                  
        2001–2006                 Ajax                                          94 (15)                                                  
        2006–2008       Borussia Dortmund                              25 (0)                                                
        2007–2008        →Everton(loan)                                  28 (2)                            
        2008–2011               Everton                                       76 (7)                                  
        2011–                Tottenham Hotspur                             10 (0)                                      
        2012–                  →Everton(loan)                                 2 (1)(as on 24-02-2012)
Profile of which player?

17. Identify!

Informals by
Vijaya Raghavan B (2nd Sem ISE, RVCE)
Sharan T (2nd Sem ECE, RVCE)

Answers to Informals Part 4: Shocked by Current Affairs?

1.X is youtube and Y is google.
2.X-apple and Y is samsung.
4. Why this Kolaveri di? and the state is goa.
5.charlie sheen
7.Keith Wass and State is goa.
8.Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.the country is pakistan.
9. Tom (All are variants of the famous app Talikn Tom by OUTFIT 7).
11.Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev.
12.Leader is Aurobindo raj khova, state is Assam,the outfit is called Alfa.
13.Arnold schwarzenegger, governor of California state.
14.S M Krishna,Karnataka.
15.X- Cadbury, Y-Craft foods,Z-nestle
16.X-News of the world, Y-Rupert Murdoch,Z-News corp

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Prasanth has Learnt To Rock said...

1- Arsenal
2- Juninho Perumbacano
3- Father son pairs to have won Champions' League for the same team
4- X- Giovanildo; Y-Hulk
6- Oliver Kahn
9- La Masia
10- Jens Lehmann
11- Barclays
12- derby
13- Wayne Rooney
14- PSG and Marseille
15- Milan
16- Steven Pienaar
17- Robert Enke