Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where's my Money!

If you took an insane amount of morbid pleasure in watching Stewie asking Brian to pay up his money, you're not going to enjoy this post.
However if you are one of those staying up late nights, scrolling through so you can win a couple of UTPT quizzes, I suggest you stop, lick your lips, and read on. (And I don't mean

1.5 ಲಕ್ಷ Cash Prizes to be won. That was what we promised and somewhere down the line. we decided to one up that.
1.5 ಲಕ್ಷ Cash Prizes to be won, iPod shuffles, Movie ticket vouchers from Cinepolis and much much more. FedEx aren't the only ones who Live to Deliver. 

So here's the split up of the monies!

College Quizzes

1st - 7,500
2nd - 6,000
3rd - 4,500
That's a total of 18,000 * 5 Quizzes = 90,000

Open Quiz - Magnum Open

1st - 18,000
2nd - 15,000
3rd - 12,000

Best Corporate team - 9,000
Best School/College team - 6,000
Total = 60,000

So Total Cash Prize = 1.5 Lakhs 

All figures are in INR. The text that is bold, has been made bold to grab your attention. Look at it again. Sudo, look at it again.

And that's enough moolah there to buy yourself an Unlimited Dosa Membership Card at the RVCE canteen. It's also the same amount as SRK was fined by airport customs on returning from his London holiday. SRK, people!

So head on over to UTPT 2012, India's Largest Quiz Fest (It's official!).
As only a burnt-to-crisp anthropomorphic dog can say - All right, let's go to the bank!

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