Monday, March 26, 2012

Informals Part 6: And the Oscar goes to!

1. The academy award for best director in 2010 went to Kathryn Bigelow making her the first female director to bag the Oscar. However she’s not the first one to be nominated in that decade. That honor goes to? Hint : Think around 2003-2004

2. The very first academy awards was held in the year 1929. That year while there was no “Best picture “ award there was the “Outstanding picture,  production “ which for all practical reasons is considered the Best picture winner of the first Oscars. Which film?

3. The legendary Alfred Hitchcock has how many Oscars to his credit?

4. This year the movie “The Artist” seems a favourite to win “Best picture”. If it does win then that would make it the first Black and white movie to win since 1993. Which black and white movie won best picture in 1993?

5. “Hugo” by Martin Scorcese has been nominated this year for best director and best picture. If Scorcese bags best director then it would be his very first win after many unsuccessful nominations. True or False?

6. Sequels haven’t really made it big at the Oscars. Name any one sequel which has won best picture.

7. This years host is Billy crystal. Who was the host of the Oscars the very first time it was broadcast on TV?

8. In the 81st Academy awards (2009) is most famously known as “The one with Rahman”. A.R Rahman was nominated for 3 awards for Slumdog Millionaire, winning 2 out of 3. Which award did he lose out on and to whom?

9. Which was the first X rated moive to win best picture at the Oscars?

10. The gorgeous Marion Cotillard haunted us with her portrayal of Mal the shade in the 2010 oscar nominated film Inception. Which was her first win as best actress? Hint: It was not an English language film.

11. Caryn Elaine Johnson won the best supporting actress for her performance in Ghost (1990). She is better known as ?

12. Citizen  Kane has won how many awards in the year it competed ?

13. Which movie is notorious for having 11 nominations but NO wins?(1985, starring Oprah winfrey)

14. Gus Van Sant directed this ex- husband of Madonna to a best actor win in 2008. Who am I talking about?

15. His Oscar score stands at a whopping 26 Awards including competitive and honorary. He received his first Oscar in 1932 for the creation of a pop culture icon. ID

16. Iron lady has got a nod for best actress for Meryl Streep. How many times has she been nominated and how many times has she won?

17. Who is the only person to win both an oscar and a noble prize.

18. For the past few years where has the Oscars been taking place?

19. Greer garson won the Academy award best actress for Mrs. Miniver. The night she won it she broke a record which stands till today. What am I talking about?

20. Which was the first color movie to win best picture?

21. Shrek (2001) was the first movie to win in the best animated feature category. Which was the only animated movie before the category was introduced to be nominated for best picture?

22. Connect : Halle Berry, Roberto Benigni , Sandra Bullock, Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando

By Sandeep Kini,
6th Sem, BT, RVCE

Answers to Informals part 5: European Footie!

1. Arsenal FC
2. Juninho Pernambucano
3. The players who have won the UCL for the clubs for which their fathers have also won for
4. Givanildo Vieira de souza, hulk
5. Carlo Ancelotti
6. Oliver kahn
7. Ryan Giggs. they are the winners of golden foot award in the mentioned years
8. Juventus
9. La masia.. Barcelona youth academy
10. Jens Lehman
11. Barclays
12. Derby
13. Wayne Rooney
14. Psg n marsaille
15. Milan
16. Steven Pienaar
17. Robert Enke


Chaitanya said...

2. Wings
3. 2 I think. Zero for best director.
4. Schindler's List
5. False. Saving Private Ryan.
6. LotR RotK
7. Douglas Fairbanks
9. Midnight Cowboy
10. La Vie En Rose
11. Whoopi Goldberg
12. Uh.. 5?
13. The Colour Purple
14. Sean Penn, Milk
15. Walt Disney
16. 16?
17. George Bernard Shaw (technically also Al Gore).
18. Some Hilton?
21. Snow White and the seven dwarfs?
22. Won both Oscar and Razzies

lwsam said...


Here are my answers

1. (Sophia) Coppola
2. Wings. Incidentally, they also awarded an Oscar for Unique and Artistic Production. The winner of that was Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.
3. 0. He never won an Academy Award for anything. The closest he came was winning the Irving Thalberg Award in 1968.
4. Schindler's List
5. False. He (should have) won for The Departed. He had nothing to do with Saving Private Ryan, which was directed by Spielberg.
6. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
7. Bob Hope. Fairbanks was in the first Oscar ceremony, not the first one which was TELEVISED, in 1953.
8. A.R. Rahman lost the Academy Award for Best Song for the O Saaya (probably) to A.R. Rahman for the song Jai Ho (seriously!)
9. Midnight Cowboy
10. (Marion) Cotillard won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. Her rendition of the song Non je ne regrette rien from La Vie en Rose was also used in Inception.
11. Whoopi Goldberg
12. Citizen Kane won the Academy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay)
13. The Colour Purple
14. Sean Penn
15. Walt Disney
16. She has been nominated a total of 17 times (14 for Best Actress in a Leading Role and 3 for Best Actress in a Supporting Role). She has won a total of 3 times (once for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and twice for Best Actress in a Leading Role)
17. George Bernard Shaw. Al Gore did NOT win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay
18. Dolby Theatre
19. Her Oscar acceptance speech was so very long, that nowadays, winners should not speak too long.
20. Gone With the Wind
21. Beauty and the Beast (NOT Snow White!). It lost out to the over-rated film The Silence of the Lambs.
22. Won Both Academy Awards and Golden Raspberries.

Sandeep Mathias.