Saturday, December 01, 2012

Strike 2: The Second Monthly Quiz!

Back with a bang! the second monthly quiz was held on 17th November'12, a lazy saturday and one of the last few of this semester.
A marathon quiz (lasted about 4 hours) with a good mix of 27-28 question prelims got fellwo Qcers up and running. The finals consisted of about six interesting rounds all compiled and conducted by Pai, Kala and Sanjana. Special mention to the songs selected for the LAC.
Tiger, Ann & Vijay took first place while Douche, Kama and Hari came in a close second with the first year team of Jayanta and Kamacousin finishing third. Good going to all junis who participated.
Thanks to Jose for turning up yet again, we hope to see some more seniors in the future.
Quiz has been uploaded on the group, please direct all suggestions, comments, compliments etc to the QMs.

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