Tuesday, December 04, 2012

So RVQC is conducting quizzes for IIM-B

On a Sunday afternoon, when all is peaceful, serene and laidback, the countries greatest management prodigies, are all hard at work, within their own little world on Bannerghatta road. Well, most of them at least, because the others were busy attending the IIM quiz held by R.V Quizcorp. The quiz got off to a great start at 3PM on the 2nd of December at IIM-B’s sprawling campus. A lone wolf of sorts ,it was held to decide who would represent IIM-B at a pan IIT-IIM quiz at Mood Indigo this year. After a few cycles of getting lost and asking for directions within the campus, we arrived on the scene. The quiz was a greatest hits album of some of quizcorp’s favorite funda but with remixes added for variety. With 40 questions, including the last six questions being a stage two, the reactions on the questions varied from “Hmm I knew it was that ” to “Nice crack dude!”.
Quiz Corp is definitely making its mark far and wide!

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