Monday, January 21, 2013

Funda-mental 2012!

Once every year at R.V.C.E., the foundations of Quiz Corp reverberate with delicate sounds of thunder” claimed the promo and indeed it did and how. 

Funda-mental was held on the 16th of December at the biotech seminar hall. The event attracted ardent quizzers, both QC and non QCers. As the quiz masters for the day and the creators of magnificence, Rajan Thambehalli and Avinash Mudaliar took centre stage and as it turned out, what a memorable Sunday it proved to be.  The fundae continued to pour throughout the day as a 35 question preliminary was followed by a marathon 8 team final. 

Whether it was the rich haul of questions in the dries, or the cryptic that is the LVC and stage 2, the quizzers were left gasping for more. An Amul ads round was the icing on the cake. If a sense of gratification followed every question answered, an uncracked one was inevitably followed by an adulatory applause and deservedly so. A Mcdonalds meal spurred everyone on as the quiz continued into the evening. 

All in all, a first hand experience of a good, old fashioned quiz for many of the quizzers gathered there that day to keep a undying tradition of QuizCorp.    

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