Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Third Monthly: Eco Quiz!

Marking the descent of the arctic winds, the southward migration of the siberian cranes, the longer nights and colder days and the onset of darkness at the north pole, the monthly for November was a tantalising quiz based on ecology, wildlife, life sciences, environment conservation and all that is sheltered by the ecological umbrella! A hoard of home-runs from the boys in green today, Srihari Veeraraaghavan, Sharan Turlapati and Kishore Ranganath, the QMs for this month's quiz!

And the specs follow:

Venue           : Chemical Department Seminar Hall, RVCE
Date              : 27th November 2012
Time             :  2:00 PM
Audience      :  Students of RVCE
Quiz Masters: Srihari Veeraraghavan, Kishore Ranganath, Sharan Turlapati

1. Vijay Ramesh, Trisha Gopalakrishna and Ann Zachariah

2. Sumukh Bharadwaj, Pallavi Sreerama and Simon

3. Anurag Shivaprasad, Aditya Muttur and Ganesh Kalyansundaram (and all the transient team mates with   Anurag Shiv)

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