Friday, February 07, 2014

Informals '14 Part 1:Tech Tonic!

  By  Varun Kashyap, 1st Year ISE
Shreyas Raghunath, 1st Year ISE

1.      With a vision for a phone worth keeping , this startup X created a huge sensation by posting its idea on YouTube.Recently, Motorola announced that it was working on a similar idea all along under the name Y . Identify X and Y.

2.      In 2012 Google bought X to protect itself and its products from legal battles against Y. Now, recently after just one year it has sold the major stake of the company to a chinese manufacturer while retaining the companies rich patents portfolio’s and its advance projects. Identify X&Y.

3.      X, quite well known in India recently entered a European country Y becoming one of the first Indian companies to launch its products in a European market. Also, X shares it's name with that of a marvel character. It's latest launches there included models with names such as Knight and Tube. Id X and Y.

4.      Apple SVP of global marketing Phil Schille opted to unfollow the company X and it’s CEO after Y acquired X for 3.2 Billion Dollars.X’s CEO was previously an employee of Apple and is credited to the founder of Ipod, before resigning from Apple to start his own company X.X’s company claims that it (X) reinvents unloved but important home products .       Identify X&Y.

5.      What is the name of the Android alternative, Linux based operating system being extensively supported mainly by Samsung and Intel? The Samsung ZEQ 9000 will be the first commercially available device running on thus operating system.

6.      All set to be launched any time soon in India, X is priced at a whopping Rs.69,999, making it the costliest device of its kind to be launched in the country. Give us X, which incorporates one of the most significant technological innovations of 2013.

7.      Recently the Seattle Seahawks, owned by X, thrashed the Denver Broncos to win their first Superbowl Championship. X is currently the chairman of Vulcan Inc, an investment company founded by him. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells which he managed to survive. But he is most famously known as the co founder of Y along with Z, which is known to almost everybody and has been in the news lately.  Id  X, Y and Z.

8.      This famous annual electronic show, began in 1967 and is the launch platform of a number of devices ranging from the first VCR, DVD technology, the first HDTV among other devices. It is an annual show held in the "Sin City". Y, a tech company with an "iye" for well designed, well marketed and extremely popular devices has been very notably absent in X since 1992. Id X and Y.

9.      Started as a project in Stanford University this social networking app’s current mascot is called “Ghostface Chillah”.It started under the name ‘Pikaboo’ before being rebranded to its present name.On 31st Dec 2013 the apps database was hacked thereby revealing over 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers.Which app??

10.  Which company, initially started as a wood pulp and rubber processing company, was acquired by Microsoft in 2013?

11.  Developers recently created a viral sensation by patenting a rather common word which features in their hit game. To their surprise several indie developers have trolled King by flooding the app market with apps named after this word.Which word are we talking about and name the App ?

12.  Connect : Gear, Pebble and Martian.

13.  Why have the following been in the news lately : Balance, Clay Shooter, Tennis and Matcher.

14.  What is this recent public letter about?

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