Friday, March 14, 2014

Informals '14 Part 8: Bollywood qqqqqqqquiz (not kkkkiran)

                                                                                    By   Nupur Neti, 1st Year TC
                                                                                           Progya Parmita ,1st Year IEM

1.       Connect : Maqbool, Omkara, Ram Leela, Angoor

2.       ID this minimalist poster:

3.       X is located in Mumbai. It is also known as Bollywood’s Box Office. On 11 January 2013, it broke the Guinness record for something. ID the place and what is the record it broke?
4.       You see, the whole country of the system is juxtaposition by the haemoglobin in the atmosphere because you are a sophisticated rhetorician intoxicated by the exuberance of your own verbosity. Where have you heard this?
5.       X became CNN's Top Song in 2012. Its rapid spread to nightclubs and discos in Tokyo, Japan were reported soon after release, and a viral video of Japanese women dancing to it spread soon afterwards. Police officers in India used versions of the song and its title to combat road rage and encourage bike riders to wear helmets. However In April 2012, a petition was filed seeking a ban on the song citing negative influence on children, claiming to inciting violence and aggression. ID X.
6.       X was released in the 90s. While it didn’t initially do well at the box office, it has grown to have a cult following. It repeatedly references to another iconic movie Y which was written by the father of one of X’s lead actors. X and Y are so famous mainly due to their memorable dialogues, friendships and hilarious antics. The same actor plays the second in command to the main villain in X as well as  Y.  Both X and Y are in the top 3 for the list of highest rated Bollywood movies by IMDb. ID X and Y. 
7.       X is the screen name of Mary Evans who was born to a Greek mother and a Scottish father. Her role often involved beating up Indian men and a lot of stunts which gave her the first part of her screen name. She was famous for her role in the movie Hunterwali, one of the first female lead movies in Bollywood. ID X.
8.       X was born as Johnrao Prakashrao Janumala and brought up in Dharavi. As a child, he earned money by selling pens on the streets of Bombay by imitating Bollywood stars and later worked with factor in Hindustan Unilever’s factory where his performances earned him the name X. He is one of the most well-known actors in his field and is inspired by Johnny Walker, Kishore Kumar and Mehmood. ID X.
9.       X was initially to be named Inquilaab as his mother was profoundly influenced by the freedom movement. He moved to Bombay to work as a film actor but for a long was rejected repeatedly as film makers wanted someone fairer and “He just wasn’t fair enough”. Hence he moved on to narration and background for many years until Indira Gandhi sent a personal letter of recommendation and thus he got his big break. ID X

10.   X is the first Hindi film to gross over  1 billion, and when adjusted for inflation, it is still one of the highest earning Bollywood films ever. Painter (Late) M. F. Husain was reported to have seen the film 85 times. Filmmaker Karan Johar named it as the one film that changed his life. ID X.

11.   X is a movie whose title is taken from a poem by Dushyanth Kumar and is heavily inspired by another poem written by Ram Prasad Bismil. The film went under severe controversy - first there was some uncertainty over shooting appropriate scenes inside the Amritsar Golden Temple and a 20-second horse race was cut on claims put forward by Maneka Gandhi. What is X?

12.   X had the following to say of the English Band Y : “People say that Y are a fad. But I don’t think so…If you listen to Y properly, you get a feel of old Roman music. Sometimes you get a feel of Indian music, sometimes you get a feel of Assamese folk songs.” ID X and Y.

13.   Music for this song X is done by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and is considered THE song in catapulting this actress on her road to success. A favourite when it comes to antakshari games, the movie released in 1987. The song was such  a success that Filmfare introduced a whole new category of awards - The best choreography award. ID X.

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