Friday, March 14, 2014

Informals' 14 Part 7: It's time for the gentlemen's game! Ready?

                                                                                By  Rakshith S Ponnathpur,
1st Year CSE
1) X, considered as one of the finest batsmen of his era, is often confused for another person of historical importance. Even though X played both international and first class cricket for another country, the premier domestic trophy of his home country was named after him. Y, his fellow countryman, was associated with their nation’s cricket board from its inception in 1928 till his death in 1970. A domestic trophy was introduced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the domestic trophy named after X, and this new trophy was named after Y.  X, Y and the two domestic cups please?

2) X -  229
Virender Sehwag – 219
Rohit Sharma – 209
Sachin Tendulkar – 200*
Charles Coventry – 194*
Saeed Anwar – 194              Id X.

3) The SKY channel introduced this concept which uses the past statistics of every team to analyse, and predict the final score of the team batting first, and to calculate the probability of the team batting second chasing the target successfully. This was seen in the recent India vs New Zealand ODI series and proved to be pretty reliable. What is this new concept?

4) Starting Out: My Story So far  à Alastair Cook
    Out of My Comfort Zone
à Steve Waugh
    Playing with Fire
à Nasser Hussain
    Blood, Sweat and Treason
à Henry Olonga
    Controversially Yours
à X       Give me X?

5) Give me X, Y and the ???s
Brendon Mc.Cullum
Murali Vijay
Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle

6) X was the only Goa-born cricketer to play for India, and was often regarded as India's best batsman against spin bowling. When he was selected for 1971 tour of West Indies, many considered it to be his last. But he scored a match-winning double hundred and a match-saving hundred and regained his lost form, thus earning the name “The Renaissance Man of Indian Cricket.” X’s son also went on to play first class cricket in another country, and is a famous personality in India in a completely different field today. Id X, and his son.

7) London – Kennington; Barbados – Kensington; Colombo – P Sara; Hobart – Bellerive; Adelaide – ____
FITB and Put FUNDA (in exhaustive list)

8) Rahul Dravid – 2004;  X – 2009;   Virender Sehwag – 2010
These are the three Indians on an inexhaustive list.
Id X. Which list?

9) It was a very important match. One of the biggest matches of the tournament. Pakistan was chasing and X was playing magnificent cricket scoring runs all over the park. Y came in to bowl. X was in no mood to defend. He went down the track and smacked the ball to the point boundary and asked Y to look at the ball and not at him. But then, Y kept quiet. And the next ball, BANG! The stumps were dislodged. Y did the talking with his ball and literally showed the lost batsman the way back to the pavilion. This is undoubtedly one of the signature moments of a contest we all would love to watch anyday. X, Y and the venue for this match?

10) Pick the odd one out and give a specific reason
Adam Gilchrist, Aravinda De Silwa, Ricky Ponting, Mahela Jayawardene, Sir Viv Richards
(Timeline of their career is not the answer)

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